Fee Schedules

Fees – Required to be submitted with your Application/Proposal

LAFCo Fees: Effective July 1, 2010 (Re-adopted 4/21/2021) (PDF) Payable to: Ventura LAFCo (805) 654-2576

Assessor’s Fees (PDF) Payable to: Ventura County Assessor (805) 654-2220

County Surveyor’s Mapping Checking Fee (PDF) Payable to: Ventura County Surveyor (805) 654-2083.

Other Fees – Required to be submitted prior to completion of LAFCo Proceedings. These fees apply to LAFCo approved Changes of Jurisdictional Boundaries Only.

State Board of Equalization Fees (PDF) Payable to: California State Board of Equalization (916) 332-7185