Recorded Documents

Recorded: Changes of Organization, Reorganizations, Formations, Detachments and Dissolutions

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Recorded in 2024
LAFCo 23-23 Ventura River Water District Annexation – Tico Mutual (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 23-25
Lake Sherwood Community Services District – Dissolution
LAFCo 24-01 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – 2017 E. Ojai Avenue
LAFCo 24-03 Oxnard Drainage District No. 2 Reorganization – Naumann-Sakioka Farms (Parcels A and B)
LAFCo 24-04 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – 1988 E. Ojai Avenue

Recorded in 2023
LAFCo 21-13 Camarillo Sanitary District Annexation – 708 Calle Del Norte
LAFCo 22-21 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Ojai-Nova-Ventura-Meiners-Cuyama-Edison (Parcels A-B and D-G)
LAFCo 22-28 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – 918 Cuyama Road
LAFCo 22-29 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – 442 Burnham Road
LAFCo 22-31 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – 9210 N. Ventura Avenue
LAFCo 22-32 City of Camarillo Reorganization – 35 Encino Avenue

Recorded in 2022
LAFCo 21-05 City of Oxnard Reorganization – Rio Urbana
LAFCo 21-09 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Burnham-Creek-Cuyama-Ojai (Parcels A-F)
LAFCo 21-11 Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District Annexation – Somis Ranch
LAFCo 22-11 Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – Cypress Place at Garden City/Garden City Acres Park (Parcels A and B)
LAFCo 22-20 Camarillo Sanitary District Annexation – 1659 Ramon Drive

Recorded in 2021
LAFCo 20-07 City of Thousand Oaks Reorganization – Edward-Ventu Park (Parcels A & B)

Recorded in 2020
LAFCo 20-04 Montalvo Community Services District – Dissolution
LAFCo 20-08 Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1 Annexation – Santana

Recorded in 2019
LAFCo 18-03 City of Camarillo Reorganization – North Pleasant Valley Groundwater Treatment Facility
LAFCo 19-01 Ventura County Service Area No. 33 Dissolution
LAFCo 19-02 Ventura River Water District Annexation – Baldwin and Burnham (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 19-03 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Amber-Cuyama-Burhnam (Parcels A-D)
LAFCo 19-04 Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation
LAFCo 19-05 Calleguas Municipal Water District – Activation of Latent Power for Waste Water Disposal

Recorded in 2018
LAFCo 17-08 Ventura County Fire Protection District Annexation – Santa Paula
LAFCo 18-04 Ventura County Service Area No. 4 – Activation of Latent Power – Volunteers-in-Policing Service
LAFCo 18-06 Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – Dioji
LAFCo 18-07 City of Oxnard Reorganization – Ocean View School District
Santa Barbara LAFCo 16-04 Formation of the Cuyama Basin Water District

Recorded in 2017
LAFCo 16-05 Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – Pleasant Valley Venture, LLP
LAFCo 16-06 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Grand-Spring-Ventura
LAFCo 16-07 City of Ventura Reorganization – Northbank

Recorded in 2016
LAFCo 15-15 Waterworks District No. 1 Annexation – Toll Brothers
LAFCo 15-19 City of Thousand Oaks Reorganization – Gastaldo
LAFCo 16-01 City of Oxnard Reorganization – Dewey

Recorded in 2015
LAFCo 13-16 Lake Sherwood Community Services District Reorganization (Divestiture and Formation)
LAFCo 14-12 Oxnard Drainage District No. 1 Detachment – Detachment No. 4 (Parcels A and B)
LAFCo 15-02 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – El Toro – Portal – Creek (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 15-03 City of Thousand Oaks Reorganization – Kelley Estates (Parcels A – B)
LAFCo 15-05 Hidden Valley Municipal Water District – Activation of Latent Power for Non-Potable (Recycled) Water Service
LAFCo 15-11 City of Ventura Reorganization – Olivas Park Drive Extension

Recorded in 2014
LAFCo 13-07 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Camarillo Academy High School (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 13-14 Ventura River County Water District Reorganization – Boundary Cleanup (Parcels A-F)
LAFCo 13-15 City of Oxnard Reorganization/Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – East Village Phase III
LAFCo 14-06 City of Thousand Oaks Reorganization – Miller Ranch
LAFCo 14-08 Ventura County Service Area No. 4 – Activation of Latent Power-Transportation Service
LAFCo 14-13 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Crestview Ranch

Recorded in 2013
LAFCo 10-12 City of Santa Paula Reorganization – East Area 1
LAFCo 12-02 Camarillo Sanitary District Annexation – Mass Annexation (Contact the LAFCo office for the complete recording)
LAFCo 13-04 City of Santa Paula Reorganization – East Area 2 (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 13-06 City of Oxnard Reorganization – Ventura Boulevard (Parcels A-E)

Recorded in 2012
LAFCo 11-05 Ahmanson Ranch Community Services District Dissolution – Triunfo Sanitation District Detachment
LAFCo 11-06 City of San Buenaventura Reorganization – Parklands
LAFCo 11-07 Montalvo Municipal Improvement District Expedited Reorganization – Montalvo Community Services District
LAFCo 12-01 Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – Paseo Nuevo
LAFCo 12-03 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – 509 Burnham Road
LAFCo 12-06 City of San Buenaventura Reorganization – Montalvo Islands (Parcels A-I)
LAFCo 12-08 Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1 Annexation – Moorpark West Studios
LAFCo 11-04 City of Oxnard Reorganization/Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – Crossroads (Parcels A and B)

Recorded in 2011
LAFCo 10-13 County Service Area No. 34 Annexation – United Water Conservation District
LAFCo 10-14 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Casitas Vista
LAFCo 10-19 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Mabry/Stern (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 10-20 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Gramckow
LAFCo 11-01 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Chandler/Lyon (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 11-03 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Annexation – Kennedy/Burnham Road

Recorded in 2010
LAFCo 09-09 Camarillo Sanitary District Annexation – Navy Housing
LAFCo 10-01 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Drown (Parcels A-D)
LAFCo 10-06 City of Thousand Oaks Reorganization – Rancho Potrero
LAFCo 10-07 Calleguas Municipal Water District Annexation – California Conservation Corps
LAFCo 10-22 City of Thousand Oaks – Detachment 673-0-150-730

Recorded in 2009
LAFCo 08-01 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Teal Club Investors
LAFCo 08-03 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Camarillo Farms (Parcels A-E)
LAFCo 09-01 City of San Buenaventura Reorganization – UC Hansen Trust
LAFCo 09-03 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Wachtell (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 09-04 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Krankl
LAFCo 09-07 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Dewey & Wang (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 09-08 City of Simi Valley Reorganization – Reagan Library

Recorded in 2008
LAFCo 07-05 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Riege (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 07-07 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Villanova
LAFCo 07-11 Oceanview Municipal Water Dist. – Dissolution
LAFCo 07-12 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Ventura County Airports (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 07-13 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Dickens Patch (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 07-14 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Aldersgate
LAFCo 08-02 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation -McLaren (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 08-04 City of Fillmore Reorganization – Fillmore Business Park
LAFCo 08-06 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Paz
LAFCo 08-09 Oxnard Harbor Dist. Annexation – Northwest Golf Course

Recorded in 2007
LAFCo 06-09 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Teen Challenge
LAFCo 06-14 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Teen ChallengeCity of San Buenaventura Reorganization – Green
LAFCo 06-15 Ventura County Waterworks Dist. No. 1 Annexation – Muranaka Farms (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 06-16 Ventura County Waterworks Dist. No. 19 Annexation – Sunshine
LAFCo 06-17 Ventura County Waterworks Dist. No. 16 Annexation – Rico
LAFCo 06-18 City of Fillmore Reorganization – C Street Park
LAFCo 06-19 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Luscombe (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 06-20 Vta Co. Waterworks Dist. No. 19 Annexation – Nichols
LAFCo 07-01 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Victoria Lakes
LAFCo 07-02 Ojai Valley Sanitaray Dist. Annexation – Wharton
LAFCo 07-03 City of San Buenaventura Reorganization – Island Coast
LAFCo 07-06 City of San Buenaventura Reorganization – Willett

Recorded in 2006
LAFCo 05-12 City of Thousand Oaks Reorganization – Potrero/Borchard (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 05-14 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Sycamore (Parcels A-D)
LAFCo 05-15 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Los Encinos (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 05-16 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Country Club Drive (Parcels A-D)
LAFCo 05-17 Ventura County Waterworks Dist. No. 1 Annexation – Waters Road Domestic Group
LAFCo 05-22 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Fulmer
LAFCo 05-24 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Cypress No.1
LAFCo 05-25 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Hoskins (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 05-26 City of Santa Paula Reorganization – Islands (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 05-27 City of Santa Paula Reorganization – April Lane
LAFCo 06-01 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Spring Street – Jensen
LAFCo 06-03 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexaiton – Priest/Pollack (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 06-04 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Vanderzee
LAFCo 06-05 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Eubanks (Parcels A-D)
LAFCo 06-06 City of Santa Paula Reorganization – Water Recycling
LAFCo 06-10 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Culbertson
LAFCo 06-11 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Hatfield (Parcels A-D)
LAFCo 06-12 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Salinas
LAFCo 06-13 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Schatz

Recorded in 2005
LAFCo 04-02 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Dunkle (Parcels A-G)
LAFCo 04-04 Oxnard Drainage Dist. No. 1 Detachment – Seabridge
LAFCo 04-18 Ventura Co. Waterworks Dist. Annexation – Tash
LAFCo 04-19 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Ramona Drive (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 04-21 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Mason (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 04-23 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Masteri/DeYoung (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 04-25 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Montessori (Parcels A-C)
LAFCo 04-26 Vta Co. Service Area 14 Annexation – Lake Sherwood
LAFCo 05-01 City of San Buenaventura Reorganization – Hails
LAFCo 05-03 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Shull – Creek Road
LAFCo 05-04 Ojai Valley Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Sierra/Creek (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 05-05 City of Camarillo Reorganization – Rydberg (Parcels A & B)
LAFCo 05-09 Camarillo Sanitary Dist. Annexation – Olsen
LAFCo 05-10 Calleguas Municipal Water Dist. Annexation – Oxnard Ninth Fringe
LAFCo 05-11 City of Fillmore Reorganization – Water Recycling Facility Perry Ranch
LAFCo 05-18 City of Camarillo Reorganization – JetSki Land Dev.No. 8
LAFCo 05-19 Formation of Ventura County Service Area No. 34

Please note: These documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format (“.PDF”). To view them, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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