Under state law the Commission is responsible for selecting its own Executive Officer and legal counsel. Both serve at the pleasure of the Commission. To facilitate staffing and operations the Ventura LAFCo has entered into agreements with the County of Ventura which provide for the Executive Officer selected by the Commission and other support staff to be employees of the County of Ventura. These agreements also provide for the Commission’s legal counsel to be the County Counsel for the County of Ventura.

The staff of the Ventura LAFCo serves in an administrative capacity to the Commission. The staff maintains the office and records and provides professional support, including reviewing proposals, making recommendations, conducting studies, and acting as a liaison with local agencies and the public. The authorized staff consists of 3 full time positions, plus legal counsel. To supplement the staff, the Ventura LAFCo may contract for professional services on an as needed basis.

Kai Luoma
Executive Officer

(805) 654-2575

Andrea Ozdy
Deputy Executive Officer
(805) 654-2866

Richelle Beltran
Office Mgr./Clerk of the Commission
(805) 654-2576

Alberto Boada
Ventura LAFCo Counsel
(Alberto Boada is a Prinicipal Assistant County Counsel for the County of Ventura.)

Anyone with questions about Ventura LAFCo business or operations, or who wants to provide information to Commissioners is encouraged to contact the staff. Appointments are strongly recommended and highly encouraged. Click for Contact Information, Location and Office Hours.